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ACAP Receives Support from Versant Power to Keep Low Income Residents Warm in Their Homes This Winter

Aroostook County Action Program (ACAP) is pleased to share a recent charitable donation of  $15,000 from Versant Power to support the mission of keeping  local residents warm in their homes over the coming long and cold Aroostook County winter.  


“Versant Power is pleased to support ACAP’s heating assistance programs,” said Arielle Silver Karsh, Director of Legal & Regulatory Affairs at Versant. “We want to help our community members in need this heating season, and know ACAP is doing excellent work providing them with critical resources and services.”


ACAP has committed this generous $15,000 donation from Versant Power specifically to support struggling households with energy assistance during this difficult time.  These funds are critical, as the needs continue to grow for residents in Aroostook County.  ACAP continues to foster a multilayered approach to keep local residents safe and warm in their homes which includes several national, state and local programs. For example, last year the Home Energy Assistance Program and Emergency Crisis Intervention Program collectively served over 5,500 Aroostook County households. Those programs, coupled with donation dollars, ensure that our neighbors have the support they need when it comes to heating their homes.  


 “This generous gift from Versant Power will allow us to continue to meet the needs in our community during this challenging time,” said Sherry Locke, Director of Advancement at ACAP.  She continued, “We have seen a sharp increase in the number of calls each day as we are serving individuals and families who have never turned to us for support before. With the support of partners, funders and community stakeholders, we are able to blend and braid multiple funding streams together to establish and grow the programs that so many in our community are dependent on.”


As the temperatures continue to drop, ACAP encourages anyone who needs assistance heating their homes to contact them to schedule an appointment.  As a reminder, the income guidelines for the Home Energy Assistance Program have increased again this year and the review window has been reduced to just one month for those facing an immediate or unexpected loss in income. Monthly income guidelines for a household of 1 is $2,433, a household of 2  is $3,181, and family of 4 can have a monthly income of $4,678.  Additional information about the program or a full list of income guidelines can be found at or by calling (207)764-3721.