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ACAP Leadership Team

Our committed leadership team strives to meet the needs in our community.  Each member brings a different skill set and together they oversee 170 dedicated team members stretching across Aroostook County.   

Jason Parent

Executive Director/Chief Executive Officer 

As Executive Director and Chief Executive Officer, Jason leads Aroostook County Action Program. Jason holds a Master of Science in Business Degree from Husson University and a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Communication from the University of Maine at Presque Isle. Prior to joining ACAP in 2015, Jason held communication leadership positions in higher education and healthcare for nearly two decades. At ACAP, Jason and his leadership team have positioned the Agency to become a national leader in advancing and adopting the Whole Family/Two-Generation Approach and a Comprehensive Service Delivery Model that involves working with families and individuals on all facets of their advancement so they achieve greater economic independence and overall wellbeing. He is passionate about community involvement and volunteerism and currently serves on the boards of a number of organizations, including the Maine Association of Non-Profits, Aroostook Partnership, Aroostook Aspirations Initiative, and is the current President of Maine Community Action Partnership. Born in Canada and raised along the border in Maine’s northernmost region—the St. John Valley—Jason’s first language is French. He has been greatly involved as a volunteer leader in preserving, advancing, and promoting the area’s Acadian and Franco-American Culture. Jason, his wife Kimberlee, teenage children Christopher and Kallee, live in Maine’s northeastern most City of Caribou.

Jamie Chandler 

Chief Operating Officer 


Jamie has worked in health and social services fields for over 18 years. Since joining ACAP in 2013, Jamie has had the opportunity to work directly with staff in all areas of the Agency. Jamie has been a key leader in the organizational transformation at ACAP to adopt a comprehensive service delivery model that incorporates a Whole Family Approach to delivering services. Jamie continues to advance this work in her role as COO, as she provides oversight to all Agency programs. She earned her Bachelor’s degree in Health Science from Husson College. Jamie is a native of Aroostook County and is proud to work and raise her family here. 

Sherry Locke 

Development and Communications Manager  


Sherry, an Aroostook County native, and husband Chris, chose to raise their family in rural Maine to teach their children about community service, neighbors helping neighbors, and the importance of hard work. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice from the University of Maine at Presque Isle. Prior to joining community action in September 2019, Sherry served as Executive Director of United Way of Aroostook. Sherry has a deep understanding of the community needs and is passionate about making Aroostook County a better place to live and work.   

Alyssa Levesque

Human Resources Manager


Alyssa joined the team in May of 2017.  She is a graduate of Husson University where she earned her Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration. She also attended Northern Maine Community College where she earned an Associate’s degree in Medical Office Administration. Alyssa resides in Presque Isle with her daughter Kayla. In her free time, she enjoys walking and hiking, nature drives with her daughter, and thrift shopping for vintage goodies.   

Sue Powers  

Director of Programs

As Director of Programs, Sue oversees ACAP’s early childhood education programs and health prevention programs. She attended University of Maine Presque Isle and holds degrees in Criminal Justice and Social Science. Sue has worked in community action for 39 years and over the last three years has focused on ACAP’s transformation to a Whole Family Approach. She currently serves as an executive officer of Maine Head Start Directors Association, and as a legislatively appointed member of the Independent Advisory Review Committee for Maine’s Early Childhood Special Education Services. Last year she was appointed by Governor Janet Mills as a member of the Maine Children’s Cabinet, Early Childhood Advisory Council. Sue is committed to developing systems and structures that support the health and well-being of families, children, and communities. Sue and her husband Joe raised their three adult children in the small town of Mapleton.   

ACAP Governance

ACAP is governed by a volunteer 21-member board of directors. The Board of Directors is tripartite, meaning its membership is comprised of equal numbers of public, private and consumer representatives. The Board determines policy, provides leadership to staff, approves grant applications, and plans, oversees expenditures, and evaluates programs. The Board is seated for a One-Year Term. 

Executive Committee Members

Back row: Stephen R. Richard, Chair; William Egeler, Vice Chair. Seated; Trudy Gorneault, Secretary; Gary Sanfacon, Member-at-Large; Dan MacDonald, Parliamentarian; Paula Sperrey, Treasurer 


Board of Directors Members 2020 

Jeff Ashby, Deacon Al Burleigh, William Egeler, Trudy Gorneault, Andy Grass, Billi Griffeth,  Senator Troy Jackson, David Keaton, Carolyn Kimball, Dan MacDonald, Josselyn Langworthy, Ryan Pelletier, Patty Perry, Steven D. Richard, Gary Sanfacon, Suzanne Senechal-Jandreau,  Representative Harold ‘Trey’ Stewart, Paula Sperrey, Patricia Sutherland, Erik Vaughn. 

Advisory Councils

Aroostook Policy Advisory Council APAC 

APAC was organized in 1972 and elects low-income sector representatives to the ACAP Board of Directors. Its members act as spokespersons and advocates for low-income groups in Aroostook County in matters relating to the alleviation of the conditions of poverty.  

Aroostook Policy Advisory Council Members 2020 

Trudy Gorneault, Chair, Presque Isle; Patricia Perry, Presque Isle; Christine Brown, Caribou; Jennifer Sweetser, Presque Isle; Carolyn Kimball, Presque Isle; Jodi Cyr, Caribou; Suzanne Senechal-Jandreau, Caribou; Deacon Albert Burleigh, Houlton; Barney Dodd, Caribou; Tammy Goetsch, Houlton.

Parent Policy Advisory Council 

Parent Policy Council works in partnership with management staff to provide oversight, review, planning and goal setting for the Head Start and Early Head Start Program.  Parent Policy Council is comprised of parent representatives from across the County, voted on by local parent committees.  Community representatives also make up the body of representatives, also elected by the local parent committees. 


Parent Policy Advisory Council Members 2020 

Tammy Lizotte, Madawaska; Anna Forbes, Woodland; Chris Forbes, Woodland; Trudy Gorneault, Presque Isle; Ruth Hanson, Presque Isle; Michele Clark, Fort Fairfield; Leslie Plummer, Presque Isle; Renee Thibeault, Caribou.



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Thank you for your interest in supporting ACAP programs and services! As a leader, or in partnership with others, ACAP provides guidance to the community in responding to emerging human needs in the areas of community, family, energy and housing, and workforce development services.