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Invitation to Bid - Lawn Care 2024

Aroostook County Action Program is seeking spring cleanup and lawn care for its 2024 season. Spring cleanup will begin when the lawn and driveway are dry enough to get started. Spring cleanup includes cleaning of driveway and all lawns. Lawn care will begin when the lawn reaches 3" and must be mowed and keep neat throughout the 2024 season. The following locations are up for bid. 

•    40 Alfalfa Drive Fort Kent.
•    17 Bowles Road Caribou.
•    1 Edgemont Drive Presque Isle.
•    771 Main Street Presque Isle.
•    44 Park Street Gouldville school and Powers Place (50 Park Street).

Please send all bids to Sherry Locke, all bids must be in by April 1st winning bids will be notified by April 8th. Any question may be answered by calling (207) 554-4130.