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ACAP Team Member Receives National Certification

Joining the agency in 2019, Sherry has been instrumental in both bringing additional resources and enhancing processes to meet the needs of individuals and families in Aroostook County.  Sherry has a deep understanding of the community needs and is passionate about making Aroostook County a better place to live and work.  Sherry is an Aroostook County native and resides in Mapleton with her husband Chris and their two teenage children. 

“I am eager to incorporate the knowledge that I have gained through this process into the work we do at ACAP each and every day.  As a ROMA Implementer, I am committed to the Elements of ROMA and ensuring that we are continually assessing the needs of the community and the programs and services that we offer to meet those needs,” said Locke.

The use of ROMA was mandated though an amendment of the CSBG Act of 1998. It is part of the Community Services Block Grant (CSBG), which ACAP, as a Community Action Agency (CAA), receives funding to change the lives of County residents for the better and help communities to become better places to live. CAA’s nationwide are change agents, not simply service providers.  The change they focus on is the transition to self-sufficiency. Through the use of ROMA, CAA’s are to project, not only the number of units of services they will provide and the number of people to be served, but also to identify the number of results that will be achieved by these participants or by the CAAs themselves while working on community revitalization and building agency capacity. 

Aroostook County Action Program is proud of the accomplishments of Sherry Locke and looks forward to her contribution as the Agency continues to serve over 14,000 Aroostook County residents annually. Her commitment to continued learning, the Aroostook County Action Program and our community is clearly demonstrated through this certification.