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Request for Proposal: Broker Services

RFP Overview
Employer Type: Non Profit
Employer Size: 101-500

Employer Overview
Aroostook County Action Program, Inc. (ACAP), is a 501c3 non-profit organization founded in 1972. ACAP provides guidance to the community in responding to emerging human needs in the areas of Prevention and Wellness, Early Care and Education, Energy and Housing, and Workforce Development. Our Mission: Aroostook County Action Program, Inc. leads or collaborates to provide services that support, empower and improve lives. Community Action Agencies like ACAP receive federal and state funds in the form of grants, including Community Service Block Grant funds.

11 sites in Maine including: 134 employees in Presque Isle; 24 employees in Houlton; 21 employees in Caribou; 3 employees in Dyer Brook; 8 employees in Fort Kent; 2 employees in Madawaska. We also plan to provide services at sites in Limestone and Van Buren, Maine

Our Benefits Team
Our benefits team includes Alyssa Levesque, Director of Human Resources; Wanda Osgood, Director of Finance; Monica Yeater, Human Resources Generalist; and Rebecca Merry, Payroll Specialist.

Reasons for This RFP
We are seeking proposals for brokerage of our 403b retirement plan. It has been several years since we have requested proposals and we would like to ensure we are doing our due diligence in providing the best plan and service for our employees at a reasonable cost.

Timeline for the Process

RFP Responses Due Date: August 31, 2022
Interviews Start Date: September 12, 2022
Interviews End Date: September 16, 2022
Broker Selection Date: September 23, 2022
Relationship Effective Date: October 1, 2022

How will we notify brokers of their status in this process?
We will notify brokers in writing via email of their selection status.

How should brokers contact us during this process?
Brokers can email or call Alyssa Levesque - or 207-554-4169.
Email Address:
Phone Number: 207-554-4169

Our Current Benefits Plans
We are currently maintaining 403b plan assets with American Funds, Horace Mann, and Fidelity.

Employer Disclaimer
This RFP is a non-binding process for all parties. ACAP is not required to make a broker selection, complete the process or come to agreement with any broker or consultant. We can remove a competitor at any time for reasons of our choosing. Our company will not incur any costs for the preparation of your response. We do agree to only use your responses in our attempt to understand your suitability to become our broker or consultant.
All of your responses including pricing information will be kept confidential and only be shared with and used by members of our team involved in the decision process.

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