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Commissioners Declare March 17 Pat Good Day in Aroostook

Aside from celebrating St. Patrick’s Day, Aroostook County residents will also mark another special occasion on Sunday, March 17, 2024 – Pat Good Day.


The Aroostook County Commissioners have proclaimed the namesake’s birthday this year accordingly in honor of Patricia (Pat) Good’s nearly five decades of service to the people of The County, most notably the most vulnerable citizens served by Aroostook County Action Program (ACAP).


Pat Good, ACAP’s longest-serving employee, joined the non-profit organization that provides more than 40 programs and services that lead to greater economic and social mobility for residents County-wide in January of 1978.  Now in her 46th year of service, Pat is being recognized across the region with her own day to mark her impressive career in direct service to the people of Aroostook, and to the agency she has proudly called her employer through her amazing tenure.


Pat Good’s recognition is also part of ACAP and Aroostook County’s recognition of the six decades of impact Community Action Agencies have had across the nation, a milestone anniversary being recognized in 2024.  It was in January 1964 that President Lyndon Baines Johnson declared “an unconditional war on poverty,” and in August of that year that he signed into law the Economic Opportunity Act, which among other programs led to the formation of what is now a network of over 1,000 Community Action Agencies nation-wide.


“Pat Good embodies the heart and soul of the people who have dedicated their careers and lives to be in service to others, and to the Community Action movement here in Aroostook and across this country,” said Jason Parent, ACAP Executive Director/CEO in requesting the County Commissioners declare March 17, 2024 ‘Pat Good Day’ in Aroostook County.  “It is very rare these days that we have the opportunity to recognize someone who has dedicated their entire professional life to one career, let alone one employer – and one through which that individual has made a direct and profound impact on tens of thousands of her fellow citizens.”


Good has held key direct customer service roles in former and current ACAP services including Family Planning, Health First, Child and Family Services, Early Care and Education, the Supplemental Food for Women, Infant and Children’s Program (WIC), and general administrative support that has resulted in her connecting community members to all of ACAP’s programs and services.  She is known, to all who have worked with her over the years, as someone who has brought support, a lifeline, kind words, a caring heart, great sense of humor and compassionate approach to all she has served, including her fellow ACAP team members.


Prior to formally voting on the special proclamation, County Commissioner Norman Fournier – who served as ACAP’s Executive Director at the time of Pat Good’s hiring, extended his own words of praise for his former co-worker.


“I had the pleasure of getting to know and work with Pat Good in her early time with ACAP.  She was not only dedicated to the work that we did, but more importantly to the people that we served.  I could not think of someone more deserving of this honor and am pleased that we get to declare a day in her name,” said Fournier at the February 21, 2024 Aroostook County Commissioners Meeting in Fort Kent.


For her part, Pat Good was surprised by the proclamation of the day named in her honor, a secret well-kept at the Agency.  Good was called into a conference room at ACAP’s Customer Service Center in Presque Isle, where she works, on the afternoon the meeting was held to watch the live videoconference via Zoom.  She was called into a “meeting” just as Parent was about to be recognized to introduce the resolution for the Commissioners to consider.


“I had no idea what I was being called into a meeting for?  When I saw my colleague Kathy Williams on the screen, who was presenting about our Workforce Development work, I thought maybe I was there to share how the reception team supports their efforts.  Then she stopped presenting and they introduced Jason,” said Good.  “I think I was in a state of disbelief as I heard they were considering a proclamation to name my birthday this year after me!”


Although Pat Good Day will fall on a Sunday, the ACAP Team plans to honor their co-worker in a special way on the Friday before.  On March 15, 2024, Parent and Good will travel to all ACAP locations from Fort Kent to Dyer Brook delivering her favorite treat, and the official Maine State Treat - whoopie pies – to all of her fellow team members County-wide.  These won’t just be the typical whoopie pie, but a special Pat Good – Elvis inspired treat in honor of both ACAP’s longest-serving employee and her long-standing affection for the famous performer.


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