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ACAP Releases 2020 Community Needs Assessment Findings

Aroostook County Action Program (ACAP) announces the release of the 2020 Community Needs Assessment, a systematic data-driven report that takes a closer look into the behaviors and needs of the residents of Aroostook County. 

ACAP is required to complete a Community Needs Assessment every three years, as part of the Community Services Block Grant. The objective is to determine the underlying causes and conditions of poverty within the community and identify the available resources to address the unmet needs of the community's most vulnerable residents. The results of the survey are then used by ACAP, along with its community partners, to develop a strategic plan to best address the needs identified.  The full report can be viewed at here.

The 2020 Community Needs Assessment is an update of the 2017 Community Needs Assessment and highlights the progress that has been made over the past three years and the areas of opportunity for Aroostook County.  The comprehensive report reinforces the Agency’s efforts around Whole Family and Comprehensive Service Delivery, partnerships and collaborations, dialogue surrounding poverty, addressing the social determinants of health, and the increased need for behavioral health services.   

“We encourage all who read this report - all community leaders and members – to use the information, data and recommendations in their respective (and our collective) efforts to advance our region and support its people.  We look forward to working with community organizations, businesses and individuals to capitalize on the assets and opportunities that are in abundance in The County to address the needs of our communities and people,” said Jason Parent, ACAP Executive Director/CEO.  “In the midst of a Pandemic, and as we release a report assessing the needs of our Aroostook County community at this unprecedented moment in history, the focus naturally turns to our collective challenges. We instead draw attention to our greatest assets and the opportunities that will move us forward.”

 The assessment was conducted by ACAP in partnership with consultant John Snow Inc. (JSI), a public health consulting and research organization dedicated to improving the lives of underserved individuals and communities across the U.S and around the world. JSI brings a broad base of knowledge and has demonstrated expertise in collecting primary and secondary data, conducting community assessments, and strategic planning to address factors that affect quality of life. JSI has implemented projects in 106 countries and currently operates from eight U.S. and 81 international offices, with more than 500 U.S.-based professionals and 1,600 host-country staff. JSI prides itself in its ability to provide assistance that is tailored and responsive to the specific needs of its clients.  JSI was also contracted to conduct the survey in 2017.