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ACAP County-Wide Summer Scavenger Hunt

Complete 50 Missions in Aroostook in 50 days! That's the challenge of a season-long, County-wide summer scavenger hunt, launching today, that will have community members competing for who reigns supreme on regional trivia, present opportunities to get out and about and enjoy the beauty of this place we call home, be a little silly, and even learn about ACAP on the occasion of the Agency's 50th Anniversary!

The ACAP Summer Scavenger Hunt, powered by goosechase, a special app that uploads to your cell phone, is now on! In addition to on-line and social media platforms, members of the ACAP Team plan on introducing the unique contest in-person to attendees at the various County Community Festivals and events in the coming weeks and months.

Cash prizes are set (as noted above) for top finishers and will be drawn in each high scoring range at the end of the summer. Among the features of the goosechase app is a real-time leader board that shows how each participant is ranked as they successfully complete various challenges. See the information above to learn how to download the app and get started playing today!