ACAP is governed by a volunteer 21 member board of directors. The Board of Directors is tripartite, meaning its membership is comprised of equal numbers of public, private and consumer representatives. The Board determines policy, provides leadership to staff, approves grant applications and plans, oversees expenditures and evaluates programs.  The Board is seated for a One-Year Term.

Board of Directors 2019-2020

Executive Committee 

 Stephen R. Richard, Chair            Paula Sperrey, Treasurer
 William Egeler, Vice Chair  Dan MacDonald, Parliamentarian
 Trudy Gorneault, Secretary  Gary Sanfacon, Member-at-Large


Board of Directors - Seated November 26, 2019

 Consumer Sector

 Public Sector

 Private Sector

 Carolyn Kimball  Dan MacDonald  Steven D. Richard
 Christine Brown  David Keaton  William Egeler
 Deacon Al Burleigh  Gary Sanfacon  Paula Sperrey
 Josselyn Langworthy  Patricia Sutherland  Andy Grass
 Evann Myhre  Representative Harold Steward  Billi Griffeth
 Suzanne Senechal-Jandreau  Ryan Pelletier   Jeff Ashby
 Trudy Gorneault   Senator Troy Jackson   Erik Vaughn